3 Ways to Clean Your Heating System

A heating system that breaks down is one that\’s going to cost you money, comfort, and peace of mind. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to minimize the chances of your heater breaking down, including regular cleanings. Here are three simple ways to clean out your unit and save yourself some money.

1. Clean the Interior

Your heater may seem pretty daunting, but it’s perfectly safe to open up and clean out as long as you follow the proper safety measures. Make sure it’s powered off, then open up the access panel. If you haven’t done this before, then it will likely be pretty dirty, and all that dirt, dust, and gunk can increase the chances of a problem. A vacuum hose attachment can make it pretty easy to remove the majority of the dust.

2. Clean the Pilot Light

The pilot light is a small but important part of your heater. If it goes out, then your heater likely won’t be able to function. Since it’s so small, it doesn’t take much dirt and debris to snuff out the light. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give it a gentle cleaning once in a while. One option is to use a straw to direct and focus your breath, allowing you to blow off the dust from a distance.

3. Clean/Replace the Filter

Regular filter checks are critical, but most homeowners neglect them for far too long. It’s pretty easy to tell if your filter is dirty and full of debris. Depending on what type of filter you have, you\’ll either need to replace the filter if it’s disposable or clean it off if it’s not. This isn’t just a matter of making sure your heating system doesn’t break down, but it\’s also a way to improve the efficiency of your furnace. A dirty filter makes it much harder for your heater to function, leading to higher costs and lower temperatures.

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