3 Cooling System Myths You Need to Avoid

Following bad advice on how to best cool your home is an expensive mistake. You’ll waste energy and increase your electric bills. Plus, your comfort level will suffer due to inefficient cooling. At Big Builders, we want to help Bakersfield residents and other homeowners in the surrounding areas avoid costly cooling system habits. The following three myths are bad practices for efficient home cooling. Learn why and take steps to avoid them.

1. Turning the Thermostat Really Low Cools the House Faster

Outdoor temperatures are climbing. So, you hike up the AC to get cooler faster. The problem is that doesn’t work, even if you have an AC unit that boasts a two-stage system. It may run faster, but it won’t work harder. Instead, you may be shortening the lifespan of your unit. By making it run longer, you subject your AC to more wear and tear.

Solution: Install a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat. You’ll have more control over your house’s cooling system. When you’re away, you can turn on the AC shortly before heading home. You’ll arrive at a pleasantly cool residence. You’ll also avoid higher bills and energy waste.

2. Closing Your Air Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

It seems that this ineffective myth just won’t go away. The idea is that your system has less square footage to cool, so closing the vents in unused rooms saves energy. Wrong! Your AC system continues to produce the same amount of cooled air even with closed off vents. But, the extra pressure this practice adds may cause air leaks in your air ducts. This leads to more work for your HVAC system and a loss of cooled air.

Solution: Consider a zoned HVAC system to customize temperatures throughout your home.

3. Thermostat Placement Isn’t Important

Direct sunlight, air vents, windows, and kitchen heat can all impact thermostat performance. These external stimuli can lead to false readings and inconsistent temperatures.

Solution: Have our professionals install your thermostat on an interior wall near the center of your house. We’ll avoid danger “zones” and choose an area where your family is present most often. This enhances comfort.

Our cooling experts can answer your questions about these and other HVAC myths you may have heard of. We’ll give you the facts and help you to adopt sound cooling system practices and maintenance schedules. With our guidance and HVAC services, you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures that won’t break the bank. Call our skilled team today to discuss your HVAC service needs. We’re also happy to offer roofing, indoor air quality, doors, and windows services throughout Bakersfield.

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