Top Door and Window Repair Company in Bakersfield

Doors and Windows in Bakersfield is proud to complete precision door and window repairs for property owners in Bakersfield, CA. As a locally owned and operated home improvement company, we know the importance of delivering solid results and timely turnarounds. We’re dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information regarding the products you’ve requested.

Our team is skilled at completing reliable repairs and fixes on all kinds of windows and doors. You can make solid upgrades to your property with confidence when you ask for our assistance.

As a top-rated local business in Bakersfield, we’re proud to say we:
  • Directly communicate with our customers
  • Meet renovation schedules
  • Practice honesty
  • Respond quickly to service calls

Your Dependable Door Repair Team in Bakersfield

If you want to ensure that your doors are properly repaired, then we’d like to help. Our service technicians can complete door repairs for both interior and exterior doors. We can make sure that older exterior models aren’t leaking air and causing your energy bill to grow. Indoors, we can rehang and refit doors that jamb and stick. Don’t let a broken door go without repair when our team in Bakersfield is available to fix the problem.

We can make door repairs on a wide range of styles. Here are some of the types of doors we can replace and repair:




Sliding glass

Whole-Home Window Repair in Bakersfield

Window repairs are another home improvement project we can handle for you in Bakersfield. Broken windows can cause all kinds of issues inside the home, and we can provide you with affordable repair options. Plus, we can recommend the right window film and glass to ensure that you get better control over your indoor temperatures.

You can expect professional workmanship and courteous customer service when you work with our company. Call today to request an appointment with one of our repair contractors for your home in Bakersfield.